Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Airthmatic of connecting Lines .

Marketing Math…


Now, I want to adjust this a little…


A nice equation.

AWARENESS – Do people know about your product, service or company? Do they talk about it? Do they tell others? Do they know the great things that you do?

REPUTATION – What do people say about your product, service or company as good or bad? What do customers think? Are they satisfied? Do you deliver on your product, service and brand promise?

Brands don't develop in isolation, either. They result from the interaction of thousands of people over a long period of time. Branding requires not only the work of executives and marketing people who manage the brand, but an ever-changing roster of strategy consultants, design firms, advertising agencies, research companies, PR firms, industrial designers, environmental designers, and so on. It also requires the valuable contributions of employees, suppliers, distributors, partners, stockholders, and customers—an entire branding community. It takes a village to build a brand.

Building a brand today is a little like building a cathedral during the Renaissance. It took hundreds of craftsmen scores of years, even generations, to complete a major edifice. Each craftsman added his own piece to the project—a carving, a window, a fresco, a dome—always keeping an eye on the total effect. Like yesterday's cathedrals, many of today's brands are too large and too complex to be managed by one person or one department. They require teams of specialists, sharing ideas and coordinating the efforts across a creative network.

when companies routinely consigned large portions of their communications to a single firm, typically an advertising agency. The advertising agency would conduct research, develop strategy, create campaigns, and measure the results. The main benefit was efficiency, since one person within the client company could direct the entire brand effort. As branding has grown more complex, so has the one-stop shop. Today's one-stop is either a single multi-disciplinary firm, or a holding company with a collection of specialist firms. The advantages of the one-stop shop are an ability to unify a message across media, and ease of management for the client. The drawbacks are that the various disciplines are not usually the best of breed, and, in effect, the company cedes stewardship of the brand to the one-stop shop like Brand Diagonal.

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Friday, 2 September 2011

BluePrint Of Brand Diagonal

Diagonal Brand Lines :
Leaning over the balcony edge of massage trends for a better view, I come across interesting stories where Brand business strategies wink at me from behind the curtain of "other business ideas".

Many of my bright bulb "ideas" have been gleaned from unique approaches to customer service, branding and even irrelevant business information that is part of the diagonal  to try to learn and grow my business.
Brand Diagonal". If you've never heard the term don't be shocked, because it's just a speck of dust in the plethora of "ideas" information flying in the clouded face of bewildered brand business owners trying to keep up.
Brand Diagonal is essentially the idea of extending service to your customer by anticipating and directing them to the nearest aide or resource for their needs that tie in to your business or service. It is a kind of conscious effort to anticipate what your customer will want or be aided by while they interact or participate with your business and services. It could mean everything from a link online store where they can buy a version of bolster you carry, to tips from your interior design consultant on how to create a stress free environment. Basically you are aiming to be of ultimate service to you customer.

Now that's some great customer service, and Brand Diagonal is cool and probably something we should talk more about . . . but what came to my brain is:

Wow, who's gonna be the WOM(word of mouth) genius that creates a day package for local businesses that can deliver 15 minute WOM sessions for a daily/weekly/monthly rate. The recipient businesses generate your customer, and you make each business shine. The context is an added bonus for the receiver at no cost to them, but you can negotiate a regular rate from the sponsor business, and introduce your professional services for future use to new customers.You market through being of service, providing the service, and generating future business while you get paid for your time and gain customers AND the local business owner makes good on their own brand of customer service and business retention.

Basically anywhere I've ever had to wait and hated it, and I've just started thinking! This is just the beginning of a strategic approach, the idea of Brand Diagonal takes on a whole other potential to monetize differing aspects of the business you already do!

Thanks to Brand Diagonal watching my brain has brightened once again.

Check out this blog for more info, and let me know what you think!

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Brand Diagonal

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