Saturday, 23 July 2011

Ruck Fules ( I am Your Tool )

love a good challenge. I learned at a young age just how fragile life is. It’s unpredictable and you can coast through it or you can really live it. I think I’ve definitely done this. Through many adventures, snakes & ladders – I found my way to the world of the web. In fact, I was the first person in my “Creative Advertising” program to have internet at home. In the recent years/months/weeks/days I have had the fun of witnessing the pulse of the web constantly changing. To me this means my job as a marketer is constantly changing too. And though some people have made it clear to me that they think I take my work too seriously, don’t sleep enough and should spend more time living living their chosen lifestyle (work 9-5 go home and forget about the job they have no passion for)…
…what can I say? I love working between the worlds of web technology and online marketing. The social media revolution (for example) is as much a part of social studies, philosophy, political science, economics, and business as it is a part of marketing. Social media is exciting because it is changing how we communicate, who we meet, how we build relationships with people that have common interests, people we do business with…everything.
Some people search night and day for a cure, some people paint painstaking details onto canvas, some people like Olympians dedicate themselves to the perfect physique…I happen to like everything related to social media and inbound marketing. So this is an open message to those who say I work too much. I hope that one day you find a career that you are passionate about because you only live once and it must really suck to go to work every day and not be able to put your heart and soul into it and ultimately enjoy the guts and the glory.

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