Monday, 31 October 2011

Brand Colors

It is really fascinating to think that people react to many things in life (and business) on a subliminal level. People don’t realize that colors are chosen very carefully to invoke specific reactions. There is a true scientific approach to it but all people know is that it makes them feel a certain way.
Remember that you need to keep your target audience in mind when considering colors for your brand. The colors that you choose will be on all of your branding and you need to be absolutely certain that you have chosen colors that make a statement about who you are and what your business represents.
You want your colors to communicate peace and professionalism. If you don’t have colors in your branding that feel that way to other people, they won’t stay with you long enough to find out what you are offering and what you can do for them. The colors that you choose are as important as the words that you impart.
When choosing your brand colors, it is critical to understand what the colors mean and then you can appropriately choose the best colors to highlight your business and to attract people to your brand.
Blue: Tranquility, acceptance, love, understanding, patience, cooperation, security, loyalty, and comfort
Orange: Courage, confidence, friendliness, cheerfulness, warmth, excitement and energy 
Yellow: Caution, intelligence, brightness, joy and organization 
Purple: Royalty, religion and sophistication 
Green: Money, sharing, soothing, responsiveness, health, food, nature, growth and freshness 
Red: Strength, leadership, love 
Brown: Durability, earthiness, primitive 
White: Purity, ease, freshness, goodness and cleanliness 
Black: Dramatic, committed, classy and serious .
Have Lots of colors in your life.
Atul Sikrai
Brand Diagonal.

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