Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Second C: Conversation

Conversation Strategist:
Long gone will be the peddlers of digital snake oil in this brave new world of digital strategists. Thanks to content strategists, mundane tactical tasks like copywriting, creative direction and account management.In this brave new world of strategery, tactics themselves will have become obsolete, along with equally vexing notions like execution. (Ugly word, “execution.” So negative and violent. Reminiscent of firing squads and public lashings. The old corporate regime, in other words.)  No, in this brave new world of twittmastery, strategy will rule side by side.
You see, content strategy promises to do what no other service offering by digital marketing consultants has ever managed to deliver: Truly optimize your content so that never again will you have to endure a failed campaign.
And to think that, all these years, a content strategist or content strategy consultant was the only thing standing between your company and global success!
A deeper degree of specialization within the ranks of the brand new Social Media management world will give rise to a new breed of pioneers and internet heroes whose internships will be dubbed all manners of , such as… Facebook Wall Strategist, LinkedIn Update Strategist and Tweet Redaction Strategist, to unveil but a few. Exciting times indeed are ahead of us. Just around the proverbial corner.

Thanking You
Atul Sikrai
Brand Diagonal

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