Thursday, 5 May 2011

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Brand development has really come to the fore in digital marketing, likely because of the rise of social media, after the long obsession with all things direct response. I think this is a good thing and in line with what matters to us, as customers. So, for my first post on clever part.I wanted to explore some of the Brand Keys predictions further, share my thoughts and see if anyone else had things that they wanted to share on this subject given that “branding” and “brand development” have so often being misunderstood.

First – It’s important to recognize that building a strong brand has always been important if differentiation and avoiding having a commoditized product or service matters to you. It’s not new, and yet the Internet has significantly changed what it means, and how crucial it is to business growth today.

Customers need the “reason to buy at all”, it’s obvious that that any product has to be great value but the point here is the meaning behind the brand, to “me” as a the consumer. Answering the “why should I” at an emotional level. For digital marketers, that means you need to give your audience an amazing reason to visit, to remain on your site, to return, to refer and to give you their contact details. So – think about our Brand Diagonal and if you create lead tools for data capture then ensure that they add value to the intended recipient rather than do the bare minimum. Imagine the impact if you aimed to give 10x the value to visitors, leads and customers at every touch point?

The value of goods and services will increasingly be defined by what’s wrapped up in the brand and what the brand stands for. Though not new, it’s more important when there are potentially thousands of people sharing stories about your brand online. “…true brands provide meaningful differentiation in a world over-run by commodities.

We Brand Diagonal have that expertise to build Brand through Social Media .And if you are reading this blog today shows our expertise to use this medium. At last you have made you mind to use us?

Always Happy to Build Your Brand digitally.

Atul Sikrai

Chief Mentor & Founder

Brand Diagonal

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