Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The human — God’s masterpiece .

The human —God’s masterpiece
The human  is ‘ …the most complex and orderly arrangement of matter in the universe.

A group of salesmen went to a sales convention. All had promised their wives they would arrive at time for dinner Friday night. However, the convention ended a little late, and they came tardy to the airport. They all came in with their tickets and portfolios, running through the ails. Suddenly, and unintentionally, one of the salesmen stumbled on a table that had an apple basket.

The apples went flying everywhere. Without stopping, nor turning back, the salesmen continued running, and barely were able to get on the plane. All but one. This one stopped, took a deep breath, and experienced a feeling of compassion for the owner of the apple booth. He said to his friends that continue without him and asked one of them that when he arrived call his wife and explain to her that he was coming in a later flight. Then he returned to the terminal and found all the apples thrown on the floor.

His surprise was great, when realizing that the owner of the booth was a blind girl. He found her crying, with big tears running down her cheeks. She groped on the floor, trying, in vain, to collect the apples, while the multitude passed by, vertiginous, non stopping, without caring for her misfortune. The man knelt down with her, he gathered the apples, put them in the basket and helped her to setup her booth again. While he did it, he realized that many apples had been beaten and they were bruised. He took them out of the basket and put them in another basket.

When he finished, he pulled out his purse and told the girl,"Please, take these one hundred pesos for the damaged we did to you. Are you OK?". She, crying, nodded positively. He continued telling her: "I hope I have not ruined your day." As the salesman was going away, the girl cried loud at him, "Sir..." He stopped and turned around to see those blind eyes. She continued: "Are you God...?"

He stopped abruptly and swirled several times, before heading to board another flight, with that question burning and vibrating in his soul, "Are you God?"

And to you, have people mistaken you for God ? Because that is our destiny, isn't it? To resemble ourselves so much to God that people cannot see the difference. To look so much like God, as we live in a world that is blind to His Love, His Life and His Grace. If we say we know god, we should live and act as he would. To know him is much more that to cite the Gospels and to go to church. It is, really, to live His word each day. You are the apple of His eyes, even though you have been bruised by the falls. He left all and gathered you and me in Calvary; He paid for our spoilt fruit. Let's start to live as though we were worthy of the price He paid!

Being Human is best brand we can built for God.

Thanking You

Atul Sikrai

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