Friday, 18 May 2012

Digital Secrets

Secrets of Digital Marketing

Let me share with you today what are secrets of Digital marketing strategy.
It’s my strategy and I think this will be defination for digital in coming days.
Digital strategy is based on 4C according to me.

 First C :       Content
 Second C :  Conversation
 Third C :     Conversion
 Fourth C :  Controversies.

Content is king in success of any digital marketing. And we bet that no one has virgin and niche content as we at brand diagonal have it. We have that ability to constantly create conversation with our targeted audience on our social media campaigns.
We have that ability to convert this Likes and comment into sales for any organization or brands. We are known to create controversies on digital platform with our smart provocations negative anti branding tactics.

Brand Diagonal has proven track record to create thousands of Likes and comments on Linkedin posts which I bet has really made us popular.
I thank Linkedin,Blogger,Google+ and Facebook for helping us do big in our strategies.

Thanking you
Atul Sikrai
Brand Diagonal

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